My Final Year Film

'The Goldfish Club'

Based off real events, ‘The Goldfish Club’ follows the journey my grandfather, John Edward Wilson took with his crew during world war 2. After having survive a traumatic plane crash the film follows the crew as they try and survive all alone at sea.

Growing up this was a story told me many times, so naturally I have always wanted to tell their story in the best way I know how, through animation. 

Using a hybrid of techniques, those being; oil-on-glass, charcoal and 2d digital animation. My film is an experimental journey into the minds and bodies of those directly affected by war and how people come to cope under extreme stress. 

Through my films and in my other design work, I always seem to explore stories from both my life and my family's. Whether they be memories from my childhood, tales from my parents travels around the world or the lives of my distant family. An underlying theme in my work is that of isolating spaces, natural landscapes and how they shape themselves or the characters placed in them. ‘The Goldfish Club’ is the perfect example of this. 

My film was this years winner of the 'Friends of University of Edinburgh Visual Arts' award. 

The Trailer
The Film

I'm excited to finally announce the release of my graduation film, The Goldfish Club!

Since completing it back in June of last year, I couldn't release it publicly due to film festival restrictions but now I can. So much has happened since last year and there were many exciting developments with the film. Such as, finding one of the surviving members of the crew through an article written about the film in the official Goldfish Club newsletter. To have one Bill see the film and enjoy it meant a lot.


Visual Development 

Character Designs