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Updates for my grad film

Some very exciting updates to my graduation film, The Goldfish Club!

My Grandad's story and information about my film were featured in the the Goldfish Club's annual newsletter, this was great because my work was able to reach new audiences who would be interested in the film and the history behind it. I was also given a shoutout by the RAF museum on Twitter which was exciting!

But best of all, on Christmas Day I was emailed by the son of one of the men featured in the photograph below, who had recognised his father in the newsletter. Not only had they recognised their father (Bill Russell on the left) in the pic but they'd shown Bill the trailer to my film and the work on my website! What a small world!

I've been promised that Bill will be watching the full film very soon and I'm awaiting his feedback :) I never thought that one of the original crew members would see my film or any of the work I'd done but this was a lovely end to 2020 for me.

I will be releasing the film publicly very soon, so please watch out for that if you're interested in watching it. #worldwar2#aniamtion#film#socialmedia#documentary#films#raf#storytelling#filmmaking#shortfilm