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Releasing my graduation film!

I'm excited to finally announce the release of my graduation film, The Goldfish Club!

Since completing it back in June of last year, I couldn't release it publicly due to film festival restrictions but now I can. So much has happened since last year and there were many exciting developments with the film. Such as, finding one of the surviving members of the crew through an article written about the film in the official Goldfish Club newsletter. To have one Bill see the film and enjoy it meant a lot and I knew that I needed to release the film publicly in case anyone else wanted to watch or share it.

I am honestly so pleased with the outcomes created by the film and even though there is a lot I would change about the film. I can still be pleased with the final product knowing I did the best I could during a global pandemic and with little resources and equipment.

Please also make sure to check out the amazing work of the composer, Nicolas Escobar and the sound designer, Marco Andreotti. Their hard work on the film really paid off :)