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Planning for future scenes

Although I have finished the majority of the film for the submission deadline, there are still many things I want to edit, work on further and some new scenes I want to create.

With all the setbacks I have faced this year, I had to cut out some scenes for time reasons and I thought that the film wouldn't suffer and that the narrative would still make sense and be cohesive. However, it think I was wrong, there are some parts of the film that could be quite confusing to people who don't know the story well.

There are some scenes I removed from the storyboards back in January that I would like to add back in, although the film would get a bit longer in length and we would have to edit the sound and music to fit in with this new timing. Ultimately I think the film would be in a better position if I make these changes.

Below I have added some pictures from my sketchbook of the planning I have done for these scenes.