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Looking to the future

Whilst the future is very uncertain right now and everyone’s plans for the summer have been thrown up in the air. I do have some plans for my film and what I want to do with it. It may not be fully completed for the deadline; however, I plan to give myself another couple of weeks to continue working on it and refining a lot of the details. This film means a lot to me personally and although things have been difficult these past two months, I don’t want to leave it unfinished. I want to find a sound designer to work on the film and find a voice actor who would be able to deliver the lines I’ve written with the emotion needed. I also want to work on creating an epilogue which will feature pictures of the crew and letters from ww2. I feel like this is an important thing to add to the film, so people know that it is based on a true story and will work as a tribute to my Granddad and his crew members.

Given the current situation of the world at the time of me writing this, most if not all the festivals I was hoping to attend or enter have either been cancelled or postponed. Whilst this does give me more time finish and edit the film, it is sad to have to rearrange my summer plans.

However, I would like to enter my film into the following film festivals;

1.Manchester animation film festival–deadline is Friday 31 July 2020

2.Edinburgh international film festival-postponed

3.Veterans film festival–no information as of right now has be released.

4.Womanimation!Film festival –deadline is 1stJune 2020 and is FREE

5.London animation film festival-deadline is 31stJuly 2020and there’s a £10 fee

6.Bucheon Int'l Animation Festival (BIAF)–deadline is June 30th, 2020

7.Annecy? – has been moved online but there is not much news out about it.

There are a couple of others I would like to apply for but there is a lot of uncertainty right now with Covid-19 disrupting many events. Some have been postponed until winter so I will aim for submitting to those and see how things play out. I was really looking forward to screening my film and seeing people’s first-hand reactions to it but that will have to wait.

For the next coming year my goal is spend the next coming summer working on strengthening my portfolio with more animation, illustration and design work. Once the deadline for the final major film has passed, I will have more time work on these things. I have a lot of ideas that I wish to explore, and I think some of them could turn out to be quite successful. Another goal I hope to work towards this year is to promote my social media pages better and hopefully garner some more traction to them. Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in helping creatives find work and alongside the job hunting I hope to do after summer, perhaps they can go hand in hand in helping me look for work in the industry.

In addition to applying for festivals, I want to also apply for some internships for some animation studios for both animation and design roles. I have been working on expanding my portfolio and showcasing more of my talents. I hope this will pay off and that I will be able to land a role this summer. I think having been on this course and spending in Australia has given me a variety of skills that if I work on developing further that I could start to specialise in. When I think of the process my film took from this year, some of my favourite parts were the early development stages where I was working on creating all the concept work. So, I would like to think about taking some online classes after my graduation to help me work on understanding more about visual development roles, character design roles and concept work in general. If I were able to get an internship or a role in that field, then I would be very pleased.