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Designing the degree show stand

Enough we aren't going to be able to showcase our films at the degree show later this month anymore. I still spent a bit of time planning for my display at the degree show. So I thought I would show it off now and who knows what may happen in the future, perhaps we may be able to showcase our work together later on?

Here is my final design for my area of the degree show. I wanted to show my website on the monitor so people could look through and see what work is in my folio. I also wanted to display a poster for my film on the 2nd panel and below that have a shelf which the art book I am planning to make can be placed on.

Since the first term of this academic year, I have wanted to create a book for all the art I have created for this film, and alongside that I wanted to tell the story that my grandad went through and use quotes from his book too. I think this could be a great way to showcase all the concept work that I really enjoyed making, but wasn't featured in the film or the production of the film.

Back in February, I designed and printed some business cards and had planned to have them as part of my display.

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