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Poster Designs

Today I designed a couple of posters for the promotional aspect of my film. I went with three designs in the end and each one is different from the other and she different areas in the film. I am pleased with how each of them look and think they are eye-catching enough to be used in the degree show.

First up is this design. The watercolour blue painted background is a key element in the film and is used several times throughout to show John's fears and inner turmoil. I wanted to include the man falling and the bubbles because it was one of my favourite pieces of concept art I created.

Next up is the design which I made last month, I had a clear concept in my mind for this piece and I think it can give audiences an insight into what they can expect from the film.

Lastly, this is my final design. The painting itself is a piece of concept art I did for testing the colour script and digital textures for the film. This the most complicated of the three and doesn't read as easily but I do still like it.