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Finding solace in simple embroidery

I have always enjoyed working with textiles and threads, back in 2016/2017 I did a lot of embroidery work as a part of some projects about folklore. But recently I have taken it back up again as a way of relaxation during this quarantine period.

The design below is based off a design I did a while back, its designed from Bulgarian traditional folk clothing and the patterns that can be typically seen. I reworked a traditional design and added my own twist.

I like the base design for this embroidery ring but I think I will like it better once it is finished and ironed out.

Below, is a slightly more simple design, a couple of weeks ago I rewatched the second season of one of my favourite shows Mob Psycho 100 2 and wanted to create something based off the main character. So I decided to make a little embroidery design which includes the main character and show bright colours.

I hope to do some more work with embroidery in the future and maybe even create a short film using thread or embroidery. Who knows what will be possible once the deadline is over?

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