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Camera angles and re-shooting some scenes

Today I finally managed to grasp the method of using 1 node and 2 node cameras in After Effects. I was using this for some of the scenes where the camera moves as if the waves of the sea were whipping up the dinghy and the men inside. I struggled to prefect this for a long while but today I decided that I would sit down and finally work it out and so I did!

I moved the camera in a loop and also in a kind of figure of 8 movement, so audiences are able to feel as if the waves are moving them along with the men on screen. I think with the addition of the music and sound that the scene could be quite powerful, but I still need to find a sound designer who wants to work on my film within such a short time frame.

My goal for next week would be to find a sound designer and work on re shooting some of the first scenes that I did which now don't really fit with the rest of the film. Such as the opening waves and the hand shaking scene.