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Gouache paintings and short animation ideas

I got a lovely little gouache paint set for my birthday and have been enjoying using it since then. Here is some of the work I have done.

Above is painting based off a picture I took whilst in La Paz, Bolivia back in 2017. I was looking though the pictures I took on that trip with my family and fell in love with all the traditional dresses and outfits the locals were wearing on this particular day. It was all part of a national holiday and festival, wear people from all over Bolivia would come to capital city and represent their specific town and city by wearing the costumes and outfits from their area. It was truly amazing to witness and the unique colour, styles and fabrics of the costumes, capes and masks were mesmerising. Watching the parade was one of my favourite parts of my trip to Bolivia. I really like how this painting turned out so I might do two more of the looks from that day to create a triptych to display in my house. This one took me about 5-6 hours as I am trying to get back into gouache painting and made a couple of mistakes, but hopefully i'll be quicker next time.

Recently I have really been enjoying painting and envisioning green spaces. Particularly forest scenes. Above and below are examples of that. The painting above is from a screen cap from BTS' music video 'ON', the music video had some amazing visuals but the scenes of this forest lake area were really beautiful to me, they healed the man in the music video and I knew I wanted to paint it. I really enjoyed playing around with the different tones of greens and browns in both this painting and the other one.

The painting below is unfinished but I have plans to finish the rest in photoshop. I want to make a short animated gif and help the scene come alive. I have started the line art and adding more details but I am not done yet.

I have more plans for short animation and films once my deadline is over. There were many things I wanted to make for 10X10X20 back in February but I never got the chance. Also I would like to play around with some rigging designs on after effects.