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Working on my digital drawing skills during quarantine

Alongside my uni film work, I have been using the extra time I have during the evenings and at lunch to practice my digital drawing skills and looking at stylisation of my drawings. I still struggle to have a coherent art style that is consistent. But I think these three may work well together.

I have so cool ideas planned for more work for the rest of the week. So we will see how that goes.

My brother asked me draw him a new profile picture for his socials and so I did. I had fun stylising both him and our cat Purrdy.

Above is a portrait of Kim Namjoon. I had some fun using new types of brushes on photoshop and working with lights and darks for skin tones and textures. Also hands are hard to draw aha

Lastly, yesterday I drew both my family's cats. Purrdy was obviously drawn for my brothers requested drawing but I can't draw one cat and not the other, so I drew our other cat Ralph too. I think I was able to capture their personalities in their individual drawings.