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Editing together my updated animatic

This afternoon I was able to take all the scenes and work I have done since university shut down and put them all into my old animatic. The process was tedious and rather long but I think it was necessary as it has given me a look into the amount of unfinished scenes and the amount of scenes that I need to go back and work on if I get the time to do so.

I will link the video below so please feel free to check it out if you're so inclined.

Please bear in mind that it is stilling looking rather rough and even the most finished looking scenes will need some small alterations done to them. Such as moving the clouds in the background, placing moving highlights and lowlights on the water for the same scenes and finally I think I would like to add some more in-between frames on some of the scenes as they are looking a bit janky and disconnected. I think the frame rate at which I exported them was too low. So I think I will up them and add in some more frames.

Whilst I don't have a sound designer to work on my film, I am still working with a composer who has been designing to the sound track for the most key scenes of the film. So hopefully I can add in all the necessary components closer to the deadline.