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Fishing scene

Today I was able to finish the fishing scene that I have been working on the past two days and I feel much better for it. It's not a particularly difficult scene nor a long one but I did struggle with some of the zoom effects I had planned but also with the movement of the fishing pole which I have now come to understand the specific movements of the pole as it is cast into the sea. I definitely have had fun designing and animating the small and very simple fish that swim in the foreground.

This scene wasn't particularly important to the story but I wanted to pair it specifically with a quote from my Grandad's book. It had such an effect on me and so I was very much inspired by the imagery it created in my mind. So now that it is finished then I can edit in or edit it out in the final edit which I am do to at the end of April. I am happy to have it out of the way as now I think I may have to re-do some of the charcoal scenes again as they don't loop the same way as I had previously hoped.

I have a new schedule and a to do list for the rest of week running up into the bank holiday and Easter weekend. So hopefully I can continue on and work hard for the rest of the time. Please wish me luck !!