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New laptop, better workflow

I have been having issues with my laptop for a long time but things have gotten steadily worse over the past month, I think that having to take the grunt of my work load after previously being able to edit on my laptop and on the uni computers may have pushed my laptop too far. last week was by far the worst week for my productivity and not through my lack of trying I must add.

My laptop kept crashing if I even tried to open photoshop or premiere pro to work and once it crashed I would have to restart it. This happened about 5 to 7 times a day and each time it would take longer to turn back on and get the programmes open. It was rather infuriating to say the least. However on Friday things took turn for the worse, in the evening my laptop would shut down randomly or just freeze. I lost of a time last week and am now even further behind my original schedule.

I have come to the decision that if I want to finish this film on time or even close to the deadline that I need to get a replacement laptop, hopefully this will improve my workflow and allow me to edit my work at a reasonable pace. I just need to find a suitable laptop now :)