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Monthly Review

As we have just moved into April, I thought I would make a post about how March went for me. I think I can safely say that March has been a rollercoaster for everyone. My birthday and the formative assessment back at the start of the month seem like a lifetime ago. if you had told me that the university would be shut and we would be working from home back then, I wouldn't have believed you.

But we have to make do with the situation we're in and I have tried my best to do that this last month. I stayed working at uni until the very last moment and managed to get all my work together, get some advice from Mike and quickly finish quite a few short scenes. I moved back to Manchester to live with my family and continue work on the film. It has been so strange to be in my childhood house with everyone again. It's not often that we are all together in one place so it feels like we've gone back in time to when my brothers and I still lived here all the time. One thing I will be eternally thankful for once all this is over is the support my family has given me since returning home. This whole situation has been stressful for everyone but they have been so helpful in helping me plan for the changes that I needed to make to continue working on my film and just helping me in general.

As for my work schedule, it has been throughly thrashed this last month, everything flew out the window once it was announced that the uni would be shutting for the next couple of months. I relied so heavily on not just the equipment and space we had at the uni studios but also my interactions with the other students to motivate me. I really do miss that and I will miss Edinburgh for a long time I think. I have tried my best to create a space to work here but it isn't the same. My parents very kindly gave me full rein of the second floor of their garage, which I have turned into my own studio space to film the oil painted scenes. And I am editing and animating the finished painted scenes in my bedroom as best as I can but it isn't ideal. I am currently working on creating a new work schedule that I can try and work with for the next month, but with how uncertain everything is at the moment, it feels like I shouldn't be putting anything in writing just in case things change again.

Hopefully April will be a better and more productive month.