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Nightmare facial shots - screen caps

Yesterday I used my new space and the dragon frame lisence that Mike sorted out for us to film these quick scenes.

I am currently working on the cut scenes that will appear during John's first nightmare, I wanted to use this scene to explore is current turblent emotions and how they effect him at night. Whilst the main parts of the scene are the swirling shapes and designs, I will be peppering in these quick extreme close up shots of his face as he goes through several different emotions. I have added some screen captures below to give you an idea of how they may look.

As you can see, the first shot shows John's entire face but blocks out the background. After animating the face I will add in some layered textures that will serve to build up the oppressive atmosphere and create more tension in the shots. I hope to use the same technique as previously used in some of my digital scenes.

Above you can see the slight difference from the last screenshot, I added a simple shadow as I was afraid the face looked too flat, and I think it does look better. Even though it's not overly complex it does serve to add a bit more dimension to John's face.

The next shot is a slightly more zoomed in version of John's face, I wanted this scene to convey his extreme anxiety as he comes to realise the gravity of his and his crews situation. The scene itself is only a couple of sceonds long but I hope the expression on his face will convey this to audiences. There will be sweat dripping down his face and he will breathing very heavily. After animating I will add in the same shadow and maybe a camera that moves in a out as he breathes. However I am not 100% sure on this one yet.

The last facial shot is this extreme close up of John's face. Similar to the firey scene at the start of the film, this shot will serve as a way to show audiences of John's resilience and determination to survive. Here he makes the choice to push down his worries and be the voice of reason for his team. His crewmate, Fred comforts him seconds after this to let him know that they are all in the same situation. I am excited to see how this will look in the end and if what I want to be conveyed will be, but only time will tell. I hope to finish all three shots by the end of today.