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Finally finished! The loading of the signal gun

I am pleased with the progression of this scene, it was one of the last scenes that I was able to film whilst still at uni and took a lot longer to film than I expected. But once I cleaned it up and added the right outlines and shadows the scene works well. This particular sequence will be used in parts three times in the last part of the film. Fred will be loading the signal gun to fire off flares to get the ship in the far distances attention. So now that i have finished the scene, I know a large portion of the latter half of the film is closer to being finished.

As it is April already, I can see the final deadline getting closer and closer. With everything that is going on at the moment, it has been very difficult to keep the same work schedule as I had back at uni. The studio was such a great place to work and my mind knew that when I was there, it was to work on my film. I find that now it is quite easy to get distracted by the constant barrage of news updates. I hope that soon enough I will get back into the swing of things and can finish the film well in time for the deadline.