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Planning for the future

As of late the world seems to be changing every day, I have been following the covid-19 developments coming out of China and East Asia since early Jan 2020, as I have friends who were living there and also most recently the rising issues in Italy.

I think that it won't be too long until the rest of Europe will be facing the same issues and that we could face a similar lockdown in England or Scotland. I can seriously only hope that the uni doesn't get closed down in the midst of everything and that we can continue to work as normally as we can. More than finishing my film for the grade, degree show and my degree, I want to finish for my family and my Grandad. This film has been one of the most important things to me for the past 7 months and I want to give it my absoulte all until it is completed.

Fingers crossed that things won't change too much until later on in the semster as it would be nice to finish all the oil and charcoal scenes before anything drastic happens.