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Creating test shots with Dragonframe

Yesterday I was finally able to finish my set up and get it to a spot where I was happy, so this morning I was very excited to test it out with the trial version of Dragonframe. There have been talks that we might be able to get a hold of the full version sometime next week to use to complete our films but for now I'm happy to keep exploring the lighting and such with some tests.

Above you can see the final filming setup I have. I added linear polarizing sheets to the lights which are helping reduce the glare on the sheet of glass. I am quite impressed with the polarizing lens and how well it works. I have added some before and afters with the lens so you can see how well it works.

Before ^^^

After ^^^

My cat Purrdy joined me and sat on my lap. It's nice to have quiet company sometimes :)

Above is a thumbnail from the tests I did, as you can see it has the Dragonframe watermark on it so isn't usable for the time being.

And finally a couple more test images from the lighting and colouring. I had a good time testing out how my camera was working in Dragonframe as I had never connected my specific camera to a progamme like that before. I am quite pleased with the results.