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Recreating my uni filming set up

My Father has always been very good at planning, in fact both of my parents always seem to have a plan for everything. So when he called me a week and a half ago and told me to start ordering equipment, asking questions and packing up all my stuff to head home by the end of week, I listened.

With looming restrictions on shopping and online deliveries, I am very glad I ordered everything when I did. I have tried to re-create the set up we had down in the dark rooms at uni as best as I can. I luckily already had an overhead rostrum camera stand and a DSLR. Both of which I used back in 2016 to create my final major film for my foundation course. I created that film in my parents living room and it's quite funny that I will once again be taking over a room at my parents house to create my final major film.

From the items I ordered, I was able to create a quite sensible set up. I got a cheap set of lights which I am quite pleased with, a sheet of glass, green paper and polarizing lense and sheets. I have attached some photos below of process and the final product.

My cat Ralph was very interested with what I was creating and setting up and I have of course included photos of him snooping around.

I have set up in the room above our garage and as it only has one smallish window it was easy to block out the natural light to create a darker space.

I will update soon on how the set up works out for me and on the tests I plan to do with lighting and camera settings. Wish me luck!