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Creating business cards

As mentioned earlier, I will be attending some important events this term and will need to work on my networking skills. I want to create my own business cards for these events and so I did.

I wanted to work out a logo first so I sketched out some quick deisgns first and then deicide on the one below. You can see it featured in my website below too.

I am quite pleased with the finished design. It is clean and readable. I think navy blue will become my staple colour.

Below I have also attached the designs and mock ups for the fronts and backs of my business cards.

These were just the tests but there were some real standouts in terms of eye catching designs. I am pleased with how they look and now will show you the final designs I chose and will get printed next week.

I really like them! I think they show off some of the important parts of my film and the style it will be. I hope they catch peoples attention.