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Editing the design for Johnny's shell form

With the character of Johnny I wanted to show his transformation from his traumatic injury to his leg when escaping the crashed plane. In my Grandad's book he mentions several times that Johnny slips back and forth over the days they're out at sea and backs a shell of himself. He barely responds to the other crew members and doesn't move very much.

As his injury takes over his personlity and drains his engery, I wanted to show this through a physical and dramtic way as I don't have very much time to explore the inner workings of the characters, even though I would really like to do that. So I want to show audiences how intense a situation Johnny is battling almost alone but yet so close to his best friends. I thought that this could be shown through a dark cloud slowly covering his person and blocking parts of his body and dancing across screen for effect. I am not sure whether the final product is really what I was imagining or hoping for. Although I am glad that I explored it and have some more ideas of what I can try next and in the future.