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A forgotten character

Name: Wilson Johnson

• Dominant Archetype(s): Citizen

• Age: Unknown

• Gender, Height, Weight: Male, Unknown, Unknown.

• Body Type: Unknown.

• Ethnicity: White British

• Health: Very healthy, physically fit from RAF training.

• Diet: Balanced, even though the war they were fed well.

• Intelligence: Unknown

• Education: Training from the RAF. Trained in Brighton.

• Beliefs / Religion / Philosophy: Christian.

• Occupation / Profession: Bomb Aimer of Wellington

• Where from: Carlisle.

• Social Status: Unknown.

• Interests / Hobbies: Unknown.

• Dreams / Goals / Ambition: Unknown.

• Idiosyncrasies: Unknown

• Fears: Dying.

• Secrets: Unknown

• Flaws: Unknown

Habits: Unknown

• Sense of humour: Unknown

• Self Confidence: Unknown

• Musical taste: Unknown

• Talents: Unknown

• First Impression: Unknown

• Psychological Gesture: Unknown

• Inner monologues: Unknown.

With Johnny's character design I wnated to test things that I haven't done with the other three members of the crew. I think that his facial design and body designs are good but as he will have a dark overlay for the latter part of the film that it may not matter what is underneath. I am glad I managed to finish the designs quite quickly as I was on a major time crunch. But as you can see from the sketches above, I had a clear concept from the get go and was able to put colour and line art over the top.

I think for the final model pack and I will add a bit more design and detail to his wounds and legs as they need to be able to be easily read and for people to know he has an injury. I will continue to work on this to finish it by the end of the week.

I also want to create some very short animation and environmental shots with Johnny in them to test how he looks.