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The Goldfish Club- Plot synopsis

The Goldfish club follows the fateful journey of the crew of O-OBOE as they try their best to survive in a situation that seems impossible to survive. On the 20th January 1945 just off the coast of Northern Italy, the crew of a RAF Wellington bomber sent out a mayday call as their planes left engine had caught on fire. With no other choice for survival, they were forced to ditch their plane in the middle of the Adriatic Sea and clamber into a small rescue dinghy. The story mostly follows from the point of view of John Wilson, as he was the pilot of the Wellington and then the skipper in charge of leading the crew to safety. Only being 19 at the time, the film explores the challenges he faces as he tries his best to keep his friends alive.

The story is based off the real-life events of my Grandfather, John Edward Wilson’s life. As a child, I heard retelling of my Grandad’s stories from both my Grandad himself and my father and as such I have always wanted to tell his stories to others through my own process.