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Mayday scene - the process

So I started off my thumbnailing process at the start of the term with a very clear image in my mind of how the mayday call from my Grandad's book would look.

With that stark image in mind I was able to mock up this very clear visual of the white brush strokes clashing with a very dark background. The words 'mayday mayday' will flash up on screen and really stand out.

I started off with the image from the storyboard and worked from there really.

As you can see, the image is scratchy and blocky which is the feel I am really trying to go for.

The process really went from sketchbook, to filiming reference footage, finding soundeffects, doing pencil tests and then working with the oil on glass technique you can see in the video below.

I really like the style turned out and there are some more visual aspects that I want to explore later on. There are some really cool comments that people have given me about timing, colour contrast and thinking about adding a moving background layer too. These are all things to consider adding next week.