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Wave animation tests

Today I played around with some designs for the movements of the sea in the early scenes in the film. I explored these movements with two main techniques. Although I am hoping to use even more in the future. At the moment I am just enjoying the freedom of trying so many new things and seeing how they are playing out.

First up is are the paper tests, I have done a couple of tests now for the waves but this one is my fav so far. I have linked it below.

I always really enjoy starting off the animation portion of a project by just sitting down and knocking out a couple of pencil tests on the line testers. The process is so familiar to me that it really helps me connect the dotes in my mind of the movements will actually play out. I am looking forward to doing more tests throughout the week.

Next up we have the charcoal tests. I really envision the use of charcoal in the final cut of the film. It is such a cool medium to use and explore so I really want to carry on using it. The test I have linked below was the first I have done, so it is very rough. However it gave me a better understanding of what I should be aiming for.

I think with a couple more passes that the waves could look really cool, but for now I am happy with the outcome and am excited to do some next week.