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Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan for Production in second semester

Next semester marks the start of the production and post-production section of the year. When I return in January 2020, it will be time start the important task of animating and filming. To make sure I use all available time next semester to complete my film long before the deadline, I need to complete all the preparation before the Christmas holidays.

This includes; filming all the video references, blocking for all the animation sequences, pencil tests to use as guide lines for stop motion filming, backgrounds, colour tests and character designs.

I am well on my way with completing this list, but I am focusing on the future as I want to be prepared too.

Current plan:

For my film I want to animate with a mixture of techniques, these include; Oil on glass, charcoal, traditional pencil test, ink and other stop motion techniques. I really want to capture the traditional feel that I have managed to create in my concept work. I think by using these techniques that I will be able to do that.

With most of the film being created through oil on glass or charcoal I know that my timing and sticking to my project plan will be key for me staying on target and keeping within deadlines.

My contingency plan:

If my current techniques don’t create the desired effect or something goes wrong with project next term, I will have to change techniques and mix the traditional with digital. I think the best way to do this would be with creating my own brushes in photoshop and using them to animate some of the more complex scenes. I can imagine this won’t have the same effect as I would like, however I know that having strict time constraints may force me to change things about the film in order to finish it on time. I think as long as document these changes well enough through my sketchbook and on my blog then everything will be fine.

As I am currently in the test phase of my project with deciding on the best and most useful way to animate my film, I can’t 100% confirm anything about next term but I can see it all playing out in my mind.