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A Matter of Life and Death (1946): Review

This evening I watched a film that has been recommeded to me several times by members of the animation department for the war time themes and the questioning nature of the ending. The content of the film crosses from reality to these dream like states where audiences are left wondering whether or not the images and scenes they are seeing are part of Peter's life.

A Matter of Life and Death is a 1946 British fantasy-romance film set in England during the Second World War. Written, produced and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, the film stars David Niven, Roger Livesey, Raymond Massey, Kim Hunter and Marius Goring.

The film itself is a classic amongst the genre of British cinema, some even going as far as to describe it as 'one of the greatest' ever made.

Whilst I did enjoy many aspects of the film, particularly Marius Goring performance as Conductor 71 (pictured below), there are some parts of the film that I think as an contemporary audience didn't agree with or sit right with.