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Animating with charcoal

Recently I have been thinking about doing parts of my film with scenes animated with charcoal stop motion. I think it could create an interesting and unique atmosphere for my characters to be in.

I am very inspired by the amazing work of William Kentridge, his work with charcoal and shadow pupperty is wonderful. Back in 2017 I watched a BBC documentary on his project for the Tate London. I was in awe of how he worked and the way he was able to animate with a technique i'd never seen before.

As soon as I thought to try some animated scenes today with charcoal, I knew I would have to go back and look back at Kentridge's work. I am not dissapointed.

I know there are some really cool elements that I want to bring to my project that he uses regularly.

Below I have incuded some pictures of his work as a sort of reference if you haven't heard of him before: