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The Pitch!

I had been super busy all weekend long preparing my speech and presentaion for the pitch we had to give this afternoon. It was really cool to see memebers of industry give feedback to everyones porjects and films.

Plus it was fun to see where everyone was up to and the changes that have been made so far. I am quite nosy, so I love to see what everyone else is doing.

The feedback that I got from the guests was quite good, no one had anything particularly negative to say in response, which is always good. But the one thing I did get told was that my film may be too long and that I should think about cutting some of the scenes down or out so it is more managable. However, I am not sure this needs to be done.

Another bit of feedback that I got was that everyone liked and perferred my physical drawings over the digital work I have done. I do agree with this, so I think it has given me the push to take my work in the direction it needs to go.