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Concepts for Graduation film

Over the summer period, I have had a lot of time to think of ideas and concepts for my final year film.

On the first day back at uni, we had a small pitch were we just described some of our ideas to see what everuone thought of them. the ideas I pitched were;

1. The feeling of sailing

2. A day in the life of a Highwayman

3. A girl meeting creatures in a forest

and finally,

4. My grandad's experince in world war two, were his crew and him were lost at sea for 3 days.

I have wanted to create a film and my grandad's stories for many years now and in particular, his time at sea. It was a story that was told to me many times as a child and teenager, so I had my only visiuals from back then to back up how i thought the film would look. Luckily, everyone seemed to like the cocnept of my Grandad's film the most out of the other ideas i had. So i have decided to go with this for my final film.

I am very keen to see how the project progesses and am going to speak with my family to find out more information about the event itself.

My grandad wrote two books about his life, one focusing on his time in the RAF. I will be using this book to help create the story and helping with clearing up some of the details for me.