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Finally Finished!

Although I finished my film two days ago, today I was finally able to add the subtitles into my 2nd version and complete the brief set by the Glasgow Women's Library.

It feels great to have finally finished and there is also some level of relief that the deadline has finally come and that I will be able to move on from this project (which I enjoyed a lot) and go on to something new.

I am very thankful for having worked on this project. I feel like it has helped me a lot with my level of professionalism and also just the quality of animation I am able to produce. It gave me a chance and a reason to push myslef and learn a new progamme and try new things, rather than just cower behind my usual skills and habits.

Plus, being given the chnace to create a film about such an amazing woman like Flora Drummond, I almost feel like it is an honor. I hope that my film can portray Flora in her full light and help people learn about her history but also our collective history for civil and women's rights.

In today's political climates across the world, it is as important as ever that everyone speak up for those who have no voice or who's voices are systematically stifled on a daily basis, and it is also important to recognise that women like Flora Drummond were the ones who helped us get to the point we are at today.

If I were to either revisit this project, or have the chance to change anything about my experience, I think I would make myslef start earlier and to do less experimentation! There were a lot of avenues I explored for far too long and I did not manage my time well enough this term and I do think my film suffered because of that, however I am still pleased with the outcome and I think it's important to recognise your own physical limits as animatior and an artist.

Now I am excited to go home and start decorating for Christmas and spend time with my friends and family before I head off to Brisbane in February.