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Making a decision.

After spending many days and hours working on the horse scene of my film and struggling with the realism of horse and Flora's movements, I have decided that I will make the horse static on screen rather than have a walk cycle for the horse.

This is because there are many complex parts to horses and their leg structure meaning that I woud have to account for all of this on top of animation for Flora in the same scene and animating the backgrounds, foregounds and props.

Below is a scan from my sketchbook, where I discuss whether or not I should even animate a horse into my film at all. Eventually I decide that I should, as it was in Flora's best inerest for her history to be shown accurately.

But before I came to this decision, I research the horse walk cycle poses I would have needed to use and drew them out in my sketchbook, as you can see.

I am happy with how this scene eventually turned out and I don't mind that much that I wasn't able to finish the walk cycle that I wanted to do, But I hope that I can return to that idea in the future and properly excute it.

The scene itself turned out well and I think it might be the best scene of the entire film and I really enjoyed working on it.