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The hardest scene

I am down to the final week of this project, with only two scenes left and the editing to do, however I think if I stay on track that I will be able to finish on time with a film I will be proud of.

I am currently planning and animating the most difficult scene of the film. One where Flora gets on her horse and leads a parade, and it involves a lot of different concepts, layers and designs to work well.

I spent a long time today just mapping out how Flora will get on the horse.

These are the most basic key poses I need to do the scene and that isn't even taking account for the movements of the horse and the walking cycle of the horse in the next scene of the film. That should be an interesting time for me.

Next I designed some more aspects of the scene, the parade scene, the horse and Flora.

I know this is going to be a mjor challenge for me, given the time frame I have put on myself, but i hope that I can rise to it as it would be a massive step forward for me to animate something like a horse and someone's movements like getting on a horse for memory.

I am intrested to see how this will go. :)