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My animation inspiration for the Film.

As this film will be my 1st proper 2d digitally animated major project (aside from 10X10 from Feb) I had a lot of inspo and ideas that came from other amazing films, and I thought I should mention them here.

1st. Breakbot's 'Another you'

I have L O V E D this music video ever since I first watched it the day it came out. I love the use of vibrant colour and lineless art. Lineless art was something I wanted to explore with this project, however I wasn't really able to do that.

2nd. POLO&PAN'S Plage isolée

This animated music video is the most perfect example of simple paper animation and I adore the colours and textures they used throughout it.

3rd. Metronomy's 'Reservoir'.

I love the child-like simple style of the drawings and how they transition into one another so well. I was very interested in animated music videos specifically becuase of the importance of timing they all share, much like what I wanted for my film.

4th. Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 'Hunnybee'.

This is a very popular music video, and for good reason too. It shows a perfect example of storytelling and how subtle you can be with certains areas but still have a well done concept. I also love the mixture of thin black lines and contrasting colours and shades.

These were the videos that inspired me most in the pre-production of my film and even though you may not be able to see any direct references in my work, they were still on my mind.

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