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Starting a new project.

Choosing my first project for 3rd year.

This term we have the opportunity to choose our own commerical projects as part of design externality. we have the choice of about 4-5 different projects, which is very exciting as I think it gives us even more creative freedom but also gives us a taste of what life as a freelance animator might be like.

So far I am most interested in the projects with Beano Studios and the Glasgow's Womens Library. Whilst there are some other projects that have been pitched to us, they aren't as well established in their briefs and I like the stability that the other two projects give.

Although I grew up watching and reading Beano comics, I think I might be leaning more towards the Suffragette project with the Women's Library as I have always been interested in the history of women's and civil rights.

I am going to research them both further and then make my final decision.