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During my research of Flora and her life I become rather interested in her 'general's' uniform and how I could incorporate it somehow into my films, which as it is now part of the voiceover script it will be.

But then as I looked through pictures of Flora's entire life documented online, I thought that I should try and explore some of the other iconic outfits and dresses she wore. So I created several small simple protraits of her throughout her years as an active suffragette.

The 1st, is a painting with her son, I choose contrasting colour to help each of them stand out against the strong grey background. I was surprised to see how that Flora's son only several years old was already partaking in Scottish traditions, by wearing a full kilt.

The 2nd, is her iconic suffragette march outfit, the one the I will be re-creating and drawing inspiration from in my film as I think it is amazing.

The 3rd, is a rather amazing outfit which I found only one picture of, Flora in an entire traditionla Scottish dress. I wanted to somehow bring the strakness of her white dress with the darker tones of the family kilt she wore. I think it turned out rather nice in the end.

The 4th, is a very simple illustration of Flora. I just wanted to see how the illustrations would turn out if I left out certain sections of kept details from the faces of dress, to just focus more on colours.

And lastly, this drawing was taken from one of the last photographs I could find of Flora, later on in her life. I enjoyed she her style evolve through out the years.