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Flora Drummond

The library got back to us yesterday and now we have the documents about the Scottish suffragettes we can now base our projects around.

After reading through the notes the library gave us, I was amazed and impressed by the amazing lives these women lived and the legacies they left behind. However, there was one woman who stood out to me immensely, that woman was Flora Drummound. Not only did she make an amazing impact on the movement, but I share a lot of similarites with her and just reading about her life, her personality through reports and the amazing ideas she had , she reminds me so much of the strong women I grew up around. She was orginally born in Manchester, which is my homecity and organised several marches around Manchester and Lancashire where she rode on horseback through the street. As someone who has lived in the towns she lived in and rode in the areas she rode through, I felt a stange connection with her. I decided right there, that I was going to make a film about her to the very best of my abilities.

Flora, may have been born in Manchester, but she grew up on the isle of Arran, somewhere extremely close to my heart (having spent a large amount of my childhood holidays and chirstmaseson the island). I know how beautiful the island is so I am really hoping to bring in some of that natural beauty into my film somehow.

On a final note, I just wanted to say how excited I am to further learn about this amazing woman's life and I hope that my film can live up to her amazing legacy.