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Colour tests and suffragette banners

For me, an iconic part of the suffragette's history, aside from their amazing work, were the hand stitched banners and the unique colour pallete of purple, cream and green which now, over 100 years later, is still recognisably linked to them.

I have created a couple of moodboards over the past couple of days to help visualise the kind of concepts I want to explore and to gain understanding of what the women would have worn or carried whilst marching. Hopfully this will play out well in my film.

Here are some examples of banners and the signature colours used by the suffragettes.

As I was so inspired by the banners and colours of the past, I decided to experiment with what I could do with different materials and shapes. Here are some pictures of my sketch book:

I really liked how the papercut outs looked and the mini paper banner I made looked as well so maybe I will further explore these ideas and concepts in the coming weeks.