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Things I want to watch, read or listen:

Over the summer I watched an amazing bbc documentary about the suffragette movement and some of the lesser known facts of their activites, such as Winston Churchill's reactions to them, the cat and mouse act and the hoffiric force-feeding in prisons that suffragettes faced. Watching something like this really opened my eyes to the fact that it wasn't just thousands of women banding together to get the right to vote, but that they were made up of individuals with their own stories, thoughts and feelings.

I think as part of my research I would like to watch or listen to more content about the suffragettes to hopfully broaden my knowledge on their history. These are some films and podcasts I plan to consume;

- Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley (a film)

-'The lost world of the Suffragettes (a radio programme on bbc radio 4)

- 'The Suffragette' (another film)

I will be in London next week so I plan on visting the Museum of London, as they have an exhibiton on the votes for women. And of course at some point we will all get the chance to visit the glasgow women's library to see their specilaised archive.

I am very excited to see where this project will take me.